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Wadi Al-Hitan is a world natural heritage reserve

ارخص ايجار ليموزين

Whale Valley is a tourist area located in the Egyptian Western Desert in the city of Fayoum. Tourists come there every summer to see the Milky Way and the stars. This area is characterized by dry weather and a pure, isolated environment, which allows viewing the galaxies and stars clearly at night.

In Wadi El-Hitan, you can also enjoy the experience of camping in the Wadi El-Hitan desert, relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and see whale skeletons preserved in the Wadi El-Rayyan Reserve in Fayoum.
-Fossils of extinct whales in Wadi Al-Hitan
Complete skeletons of whales were discovered in Wadi Al-Hitan.

They lived in the area that was in the past part of a large ocean (the Teth Sea) that included North Africa before the waters dried up approximately 40 million years ago : Like archaeocytic whales.ارخص ايجار ليموزين

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Tourism experience in Wadi Al-Hitan

Wadi Al-Hitan Reserve in the Wadi Al-Rayyan area in Fayoum Governorate is the first World Natural Heritage Reserve in Egypt

and the third natural reserve in the world. Many may imagine that it is a solid desert area with its rocks and is not enjoyable to visit.

The tourism experience in Wadi Al-Hitan includes many exciting and exploratory activities, including:
1-Diving and Snorkeling Trips: Wadi El Hitan is home to many different species of whales and marine fish.
2-Sea tours: You can enjoy sea tours in Wadi Al-Hitan to enjoy the stunning natural scenery and watch whales up close.
3-Sailing Boat Trips: Wadi El Hitan is an ideal place for sailing and windsurfing.ارخص ايجار ليموزين
4-Land exploration trips: In addition to marine tourism, you can also explore the dry lands surrounding Wadi El Hitan.
5-Visit the Wadi Al-Hitan Museum: You can visit the Wadi Al-Hitan Museum,

which displays the history and development of whales in the region and provides valuable information about these wonderful marine creatures.

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