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Tourism in Siwa… for lovers of tranquility, fun and contemplation

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Siwa is a huge Egyptian oasis on the border with Libya. Tourism here differs from other destinations because of the wonderful resorts it contains.

Siwa has everything a traveler could expect: tranquility, natural beauty and deep-rooted traditions.

The most popular tourist places in Siwa :

1- Magical salt lakes in Siwa
2-Oracle Temple in Siwa Oasis
3-Mountain of the Dead
4-Lake of Cleopatra
5-Rabei Fatnas Island in Siwa
6-Great Sand Sea

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The tourism trip in Siwa

Here are some tourist trips that you can enjoy in Siwa :
-Visit the Temple of Leaves: The Temple of Leaves is one of the most prominent archaeological monuments in Siwa.
You can discover this temple and explore the beautiful carvings and statues that reflect the cultural heritage of the region.
-Enjoying the hot springs: Siwa hot springs are considered one of the most important natural landmarks in the region. ايجار سيارات الدفع الرباعي
You can enjoy bathing in the warm water and enjoy moments of complete relaxation.
-A trip to natural ponds: Siwa includes a group of picturesque natural ponds, such as Al-Barma Pool and Al-Gheita Pool.
-Trip to Mount Dakrour: Mount Dakrour is one of the highest mountains in Siwa and offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding desert.
– Riding a camel in the desert: Don’t miss the opportunity to ride a camel in the picturesque desert surrounding Siwa.

Tourist trips in Siwa are a unique and enjoyable experience for nature and culture lovers.ايجار سيارات الدفع الرباعي
Siwa is distinguished by its preservation of the ancient environmental character and style in which the ancient tribes of Siwa lived throughout history.
These are the buildings built with kershef, which is a mixture of salt, clay, and sand, and the use of trunks and palm branches in the roofs of homes, hotels, villages, and tourist resorts. Which is loved by foreign and Egyptian tourists who visit the oasis.

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