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A tour of the Egyptian Opera House

المعالم السياحية فى القاهرة

المعالم السياحية فى القاهرة|+201003203210

The National Cultural Center, known as the Egyptian Opera House, is considered one of the most important cultural beacons in Egypt.

Successive administrations were also keen to present various singing and musical arts in addition to opera to achieve communication with broad strata of society.

The history of the construction of the old opera house dates back to the period of prosperity witnessed by the era of Khedive Ismail in all fields.

Khedive Ismail ordered the construction of the Khedive Opera House in the Azbakeya district in central Cairo on the occasion of the opening of the Suez Canal.المعالم السياحية فى القاهرة

The National Cultural Center Authority cooperates with many other cultural bodies in performing its cultural and educational role by coordinating between them to achieve optimal performance. Among these bodies are the Academy of Arts and the Mass Culture Authority.

Opera is a global art theater

The Egyptian Opera opened in its current location in 1988 AD
current Egyptian Opera House includes three theatres: the Grand Theater, the Open Theater and the Small Theater.

The opera is the birthplace of fine Egyptian art,

and there are many Egyptian groups that present the most beautiful artistic performances in the Egyptian Opera building.

Opera has helped them flourish their art, whether it is the ballet group, the Cairo Symphony Orchestra

, or the National Arab Music Band with its creators who enchant the entire Arab world with their magical flutes,

and the theatrical dance group that presents the most beautiful and elegant performances on opera stages.

Opera is a global art theater |+201003203210

Theaters and cultural centers Egyptian Opera House:

Al Hanager Arts Center: It includes an exhibition hall and a small theater for free performances.
Opera Music Library: attached to an artistic exhibition hall.

Center for Artistic Creativity: affiliated with the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.المعالم السياحية فى القاهرة

External offers:
The center’s management is interested in presenting performances abroad in order to spread fine Egyptian art,

and the center cooperates with the Ministry of Youth to hold many concerts in the governorates.

Center publications:
The Center is interested in issuing distinguished publications that express its goal and activity.

The Center is also interested in having a special magazine called (Opera Magazine) to be a mirror and reflection of operatic artistic activity in particular and artistic and cultural activity.

National Cultural Center Festivals:

The Center holds many annual festivals, the most important of which is the Arab Music Festival, which is held annually. The Center also participates with its teams in the opening of many other artistic festivals.

Activities of the Fine Arts Hall:
It specializes in holding group and individual art exhibitions for many Egyptian

and international visual artists with the aim of spreading the fine art movement and public taste and keeping pace with the international artistic movement.

Egyptian Opera House Museum:
The museum was intended to serve as a visual artistic encyclopedia in which the history of the Opera House,

the artistic works and the heroes of these works are recorded from its inception until now.المعالم السياحية فى القاهرة

Opera Library:
It contains Arabic and foreign books in various fields. It also contains most of the operatic works.

also contains many musical compositions by Egyptian and foreign authors. The library opens its contents to researchers and students.

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