Tourism in Luxor and Aswan

Tourist attractions in Luxor and Aswan…a journey into history

Tourism in Luxor_Aswan

Tourism in Luxor_Aswan

The cities of Luxor and Aswan in Egypt are famous for their Pharaonic antiquities, stunning natural scenery,

and Nile cruises, making them a global destination for tourists.

It enjoys a warm climate in the winter due to its location, so this season represents the peak of tourist activity there. In this report, we monitor the most prominent tourist attractions in Luxor and Aswan. Cheapest Mercedes rent

Among the most prominent are:

– Karnak Temple

It is one of the oldest monuments in the world, Sound and light shows are held in the temple every evening,

which explain to visitors the history of the temple in the era of the Pharaohs.

-Luxor Temple
is a one of the most famous archaeological landmarks in the city of Luxor. It is located near the Karnak Temple.

It is distinguished by two statues of Ramesses II on both sides of the temple, and two large obelisks at the entrance, in addition to many valuable papyrus columns and distinctive stones. Cheapest Mercedes rent .

-Luxor Museum

A unique museum that includes about 376 rare artifacts and mummies of the most important kings of Egypt. It consists of two floors, the first containing artifacts, and the second containing statues, archaeological utensils, and pieces of jewelry.

-Nubia Museum

This well-known museum inside the city of Aswan displays the ancient Nubian civilization and an aspect of the Egyptian civilization,

as it is full of coins, bronze and pottery utensils, and small statues.

It is possible to take a comprehensive tour to visit these monuments in the city, as tours are usually organized through local tour companies or through tour guides. Cheapest Mercedes rent

Visitors can also enjoy the stunning natural scenery of the Nile River,

and wander through the local markets to buy handicrafts and antiques.

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