Christmas Holidays in Egypt
السياحة المصرية

How Christmas is in Egypt

Christmas Holidays in Egypt

Christmas Holidays in Egypt

Christmas in Egypt is one of the important religious holidays of Copts, which creates a special atmosphere that floods

streets and places with joy and joy. Here is an article highlighting Egypt’s Christmas atmosphere

Copts in Egypt celebrate Christmas in an atmosphere of joy and happiness in which religious heritage blends with the traditional Egyptian atmosphere.

This year’s celebrations are seen on the streets of Coptic regions in particular,

where the streets are decorated with colourful lights and beautiful decorations that bring a spirit of birth and joy.

Celebrations in churches begin with special prayers and religious rituals, including singing, meditation and religious recitations.

The Copts decorate the homes and streets exceptionally,

as the trees in the Christmas setting prepare their luxurious and delightful decorations.

Celebrating Christmas in Egypt

Parents and friends gather for social exchanges and family celebrations, and homes are decorated with Christmas ambience and shimmering lights. Traditional food and delicious desserts are served such as hack and crazy egg that are an integral part of this celebration.

The markets are a special place during this period, with shops, markets offering gifts and special decorations that inspire fans of this happy occasion. Visitors can walk around and shop in the busy markets with Christmas decorations and glossy lights.

Christmas in Egypt reflects the country’s cultural heritage and diversity, where people of different cultures and customs gather to celebrate the occasion. The spirit of tolerance and love among people regardless of their religious affiliation manifests itself at this time.

The Christmas atmosphere in Egypt is an opportunity to gather and celebrate, with a message of peace, hope and tolerance. This wonderful atmosphere brings brightness and joy to everyone and gives new meaning to joy and love in this special time.

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Christmas Holidays in Egypt

Christmas in Egypt might spark some curiosity because, as we know, Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country. However, December is the month we all look forward to, and with all our passion, many of us say that we are in the spirit of Christmas during this month.

During this same period, we feel the desire to travel and learn about different places.

Have you thought about traveling to Egypt during Christmas and spending a New Year in a country like this different culture? Indeed you will have a lot of doubts about what a country like Egypt looks like during Christmas.

The end of the year is synonymous with sharing, fraternization,

and being with those who do us well, and one way to live it all is by traveling.

Travel during the end of the year has become very frequent,

and more and more tourists are looking for a unique destination with exciting activities and itineraries.

Egypt ended up in this list of goals for the December holidays; several itineraries generally include the classic itineraries from Cairo with a cruise on the Nile River (sailing between Luxor and Aswan ).

Decorations Christmas in Egypt

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Christmas festivities abound in December as well. Tourist-oriented attractions and hotels know that most people celebrate Christmas on December 25, and many also plan special events during that time.

So, if you want a pleasant and extended Christmas holiday, which runs from mid-December to January, Egypt is the right place!

The highlights of both Christmas and New Year celebrations take place in hotels with special dinners or on the River Nile Cruises,

and of course, the country’s postcard would not be left out; the Giza Pyramids are lit up by the reflection of the fireworks in the passage of the year. Also, on New Year’s Eve in Egypt, several hotels organize dinners with shows by great local artists.

Egypt is a tourist destination that increasingly attracts foreigners. A trip to Egypt makes travelers always party whatever the time of year, as it is a very positive territory with many festivals.

Luxury on the Red Sea, shopping and culture in the big cities, lonely in the desert, or on a discovery tour through the temples of Upper Egypt.

Christmas Holidays in Egypt

Christmas Holidays in Egypt

metropolis with millions not only offers world-famous sights such as the pyramids of Giza,

citadel of Saladin, or the death mask of Tutankhamun – the capital also invites you to go shopping.

The large malls are lavishly decorated in the run-up to Christmas, and Christmas trees are also set up. But you can also browse for gifts in the Khan el-Khalili bazaar.

Above all, the luxury hotels & Nile cruises in the Upper Egyptian cities organize festive Christmas parties with gala menus and dinner shows for their guests.

But don’t miss the opportunity to pay a visit to the buildings of the pharaohs, such as the Karnak Temple or the Valley of the Kings, when the temperatures are pleasant.

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Christmas celebrations in Egypt

One of the travelers’ favorite choices is Egypt Nile Cruises.

Crossing the river and exploring ancient temples is a unique way to spend Christmas, and cruises serve festive meals, music, decoration, parties, and entertainment at this time.

The Nile River is also the perfect place to start the new year on the right foot.

Suppose you are a traveler who wants to gain insight into historic Christian traditions.

In that case, there is no better place than the Monastery of Santa Catarina,

officially known as the Sacred Monastery of Mount Sinai.

It was built in the 6th century under the orders of the Byzantine emperor Justinian and remains in operation today.

Christmas Holidays in Egypt
Christmas Holidays in Egypt

Egypt’s Christmas Tradition

The monastery closes its doors for Christmas and New Year celebrations,

but you can plan your visit before or after the holidays. Still at Sinai, you can walk to where Moses received the Ten Commandments.

There are two primary routes for this walk: the so-called “Steps of Penance,”

which is an appropriate path for the Advent season, and the other is wider and more

pleasant and can be taken on foot or by camel. At the top of the mountain is a small chapel with a breathtaking panoramic view.

Egypt is a home full of incredible and remarkable stories. When visiting this wonderful country, you will get to know unique traditions and rich culture. The Christmas and New Year celebrations are a great occasion to visit Egypt.

Before traveling to this beautiful country, especially if it is at Christmas, we must first inform

ourselves about its traditions and festivals as we may get some surprises. Do not be afraid when traveling to Egypt because its inhabitants are extraordinary people, amiable and supportive.

So you can celebrate in Egypt and rent cars from reliable companies